Monday, October 27, 2008

Nugget - Week of 10/27/08

As noted earlier, each week I will feature a "nugget" that I have dug up from the cushions of our nonprofit leadership couch. This week's nugget, in the communication vein, is as follows:


Elevation is a socially conscious, web solutions firm dedicated to helping non-profits harness the power of the Internet. By allocating need based assistance, Elevation is fulfilling the web needs of non-profits throughout the nation.

For each dollar your non-profit spends on web design, programming, or other media related work, they will match that dollar with a dollar of their own.

In 2007, they allocated approximately $150,000 worth of assistance to 55 non-profits in order to help them with web design, programming, and media work. In 2008, they will allocate $400,000 to non-profits on a first come, first serve basis.

Elevation is a web development firm that has one basic goal: to help organizations take advantage of the Internet. Their 20 member team of web consultants, creative designers, copy writers, software engineers and marketing professionals offer organizations a number of media solutions.

Elevation specializes in web design, database & application development, software solutions, flash multimedia, branding, search engine marketing, and consulting services. You can learn more about them by visiting

There is no deadline.

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