Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Blues

I am not going to add another motivating Inauguration paper on the inspiration of the moment. It was awesome. I was inspired. Done.

One of my lasting memories actually occurred in the morning as I tried to get to the national mall. I woke up in the morning at 4 and was on a bus by 5. The bus took me to the DC Metro and got on at around 5:30, ready to meet my group of friends by 7:30. I had a seat and was on my way. Ding Dong, stated the loud speaker, someone had become ill and we all had to get off the train. I got off to a full platform of people waiting to get on the train. Was told that my group, actual people who were on the train could go across the platform and an empty train would be coming shortly. Ah, what a system. My only worry was hoping that I got a seat on the new train.

It went horribly wrong and a voice inside my head new that it was a bad idea to get off the train in the first place. The announcer stated that those on the platform could board the train and so our old seats now belonged to someone else. Then the train came, except it was not for us, it was going the opposite way. We had to go back over and join the ranks already on the platform to get on already crowded trains. I was on the platform for another hour and the rest was as bad as the photo above.

As it relates to this blog, what rule I was reminded of was that the voice on the loud speaker was regarded as an authority and the authority was horribly wrong. As it relates to management, an even the new president, it is not a bad idea to question the voice on the loud speaker. Management and the loud speaker deserve as much.....

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