Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicken Things for the Soul

In the various times I have had to eat here at the conference, there has been a good deal of chicken. Chicken appears to be a customary meal or appetizer served at conferences and this one is no exception. My sense is that they could of just cooked them outside in the 117 degree heat. Summer Spencer should check and see if we can get a discount that way as we do not need to use the stove when cooking our food. By the way, she has been awesome but every speech, side conversation and stall conversation has stated that.

I think where I have been most inspired to this point is the strength in those wanting to Alliance to be "something". Working in turnaround, I see often that there are organizations in the similar state on the lifecycle who have the feeling of packing it in. Competition is too overwhelming. Challenges having been too touch. Not here. While you can sense some frustration, it is not in the statements and feelings of those stating that there is a need for capacity builders to share and congregate in a meaningful way. This would have to be a good feeling to the organizers and day-to-day of the Alliance. As it appears I almost day-to-day, feels good to me.

So as I had my chicken this afternoon and having left the membership committee (big "Ups" to my fellow committee members), I was most satisfied as I walked back to my room and thought about the energy that was there as we headed into the workshop phase. Then I fell asleep for three hours....Not sure if it was the chicken or the two days of affinity group and membership committee that kicked my butt.....

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